Monday, November 10, 2014

回到起初 Back To The First (2)

Finally, i have some time to write another blog post. This will be the second part of <Back To The First>. Alright~ I am back to the place where first i get to know God. A place where i grown up, living with family. It is truly a great thing to share, i am back to my hometown - Kuching, Sarawak! :) (So long time then i post this out. =="' One year already. Hahahaha...)

Here comes, one of my testimonies:

After finished my Nursing Board Exam, i had been through nearly 6 months "holidays" that caused me felt like i was really useless. The "holidays" i mean including my last year mission trip, Perth vacation with grandma, the time when i was at KL, when i was at home doing nothing and my Youth Camp (Till i got a job). For me, that period of time was the time that i had decided a BIG DECISION in my life. I was actually facing challenges and trials, especially spiritually. I was struggling so hardly which i used to hide it deep in my heart and cried every night. I cried, didn't mean that i was giving up; when i cried, i cried to God. Thank God for His grace, He keeps reminding me how great He is and do not give up on myself, coz God never gives up on us. Some of my friends may thought, "Wow, you had been to Thailand (mission trip) and Australia! So good!" Yeah, indeed, it was really a cool and extraordinary experiences. But who knows? I was actually crying every night when i was at Australia. At first i kept asking God: "Why??? Why, God? You lead me to study Nursing, but why can't i see a pathway to walk to?" Then my dear God will always answered me through different ways, saying or showing "Back to the first." That simple answer. "Back to the first" having wonderful meaning, which means "back to the first love" (God and man), a faithful, humble, teachable and obedient heart. So i have been asking God to break my heart as what breaks God's heart, as i could understand the heart of God. I have too much pride inside of me, easily being proud if i'm not careful enough. Sometimes i myself don't even realize it.

21/08/2013 - I was at my aunty's house, Parkwood, Perth. Stayed in the room, felt lost and no direction for my future. I repented and humbled myself down.

22/10/2013 - One of my church leader texted me, "I just wanted to tell you that God will lead you to the place He wants you to be stayed." (I was going to have interview at one of the KL's hospital.)

10/11/2013 - (At Kuching) Unable to sleep at night, went for Quiet Time by playing guitar and worshiping God in a private corner. Suddenly a peaceful mind came to me, my heart was so calmed.

11/11/2013 - My mom kept asking me did i received any call for interview, i told her by faith, "Don't worry, mom. I will receive another call from Normah soon, very soon." *Usually i will be very fed-up.*

12/12/2013 - Received a call from Normah, for interview. *I knew my Father will never let me down! Miracles are always God's profession. =D*

16/12/2013 - Passed my interview and waiting for medical check-up.

When i started to learn to humble myself, (still keep on learning now) God turned my problems and mistakes into blessings. Sometimes we need to wait for God's perfect timing. Other than that, we have to keep filling by the Holy Spirit to give us strength. If we want Holy Spirit to fill us greatly, then we have to give God the space. We have to empty our heart first, let go all. We are the one who decide to give big or small space to the Holy Spirit to fill up. His favor poured upon me greatly, what i received were more than i can imagine. Through this time experience, i have learnt to forgive as the Lord forgave me. Keep learning to give thanks in any kind of situations. Learn to love others as how God loves me. Remind me of first love towards God, trust in Him wholeheartedly. All of these, i am still learning...of course.  =) How mighty is our God~! 

Conclusion of my testimony: "A year ago i was a jobless newly graduated nurse, and now i am working as a staff nurse at the Emergency Department of NMSC."

Same goes to: "A year ago my heart was in pieces that no one noticed, and now i can say i am strong through the One who gives me strength and loves me so much."

Working at Emergency Department, is a blessing from God. I believe that is a pathway, reach out to more people through my first action, like a smile on my face, a prayer in my heart.

So, are you having problems and stress in finding job? Facing great challenges which you don't know how to overcome it? Come to Jesus~! Offer up and give all to God. He is always there waiting for us to find Him, seek Him & be with Him. No matter how tough it is, remember we can be victorious when we start to rely on God faithfully. Do not live in the past, keep looking forward. Your life is precious in God's eyes. He will definitely make a way.

In this journey of life, is not always smooth as what we want. But when you keep going, you will see how much lessons you had learned along this journey. So don't be discouraged.
When there is God, there is a way.

Many times we thought that we are the one who seek God always, 
but actually God is the One who found us first.
Thank you, Father. :)

Last Reminder:
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."(Colossians 3:23)

So back to the first, the first love, a heart that always think of working for the Lord. When you start to work for the Lord, your willingness will make your happiness and blessings overflow.
All the best & God bless you!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

20 Facts About Me

Alright~ I have 3 friends tagged me to write out this, 1 is optional. Thanks to them, i have to "squeeze" my own brain to type out the 20 facts about me. Hahaha...

1) My name "Edwina" is actually not added in my IC, wanted to add in but postponed for a long time.
2) I believe in Jesus Christ.
3) Love music, but not all sort of music i will like it.
4) Enjoy playing guitar and piano alone, singing along. Hope to learn more musical instruments.
5) Used to heal different kinds of animals which were injured during my childhood time.
6) Nature lover. Even told my dad i wanted to live in the jungle/kampung in the future.
7) A nurse.
8) Since 11 years old, my life have been greatly touch by God...till now.
9) I ever been transferred 3 times to different primary schools. *That's why i have many friends, but not that close.*
10) My dad, mom & sister are teachers. Brother is just a student. They are great.
11) Love to receive challenges.
12) Having really big dreams that only God knows.
13) Being fat and chubby since 7 years old, training myself back to the healthy lifestyle now.
14) Like making new friends, for they don't know about my background. And i'm going to surprise them after that.
15) Enjoy travelling and sports. Either alone, with family or friends.
16) Working at Emergency Department, with great people there.
17) Believe everything has its own season. Something that should be hide at certain time; something have to be spoken out at certain moment.
18) Enjoy watching cartoons and mystery movie when i'm really really really free.
19) Reading books is one of my favourite thing to do, but always not finishing.
20) Like to do things during midnight, for nobody will disturb, so quiet. Being alone but not lonely. :)

Knowing my facts might not really knowing me. Steady, friends! Hehe...

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Just simply updating my blog by Twitter, in progress of adjusting my time for doing back my hobbies (since i am back to Kuching already). Haha... May God guide every single step i walk throughout my whole life! :)

Friday, November 29, 2013

新的季节 New Season

Keep moving into a new season, do not give up but keep going. Have faith in God.

* To be continue... :P

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

回到起初 Back To The First (1)

好久好久好久一段时间,停止了这个爱好——在三更半夜写blog。哈哈哈~ 有时做回以前所做的事,会感到有一点兴奋,非常开心有这个时间。=) 那今天就分享我这几年来,在KL读书的心情,所学习到的一些东西吧!呵呵…不能一次过分享全部,所以就只能先分享教会生活。

我很“荣幸”的说明:我在这里身材从中等变瘦了,有变胖;在从胖,又变瘦,然后现在又胖了!!!=.="' 不止身材,头发从长变非常短;现在头发又长了!好事是,头发还是一样黑。

Guitar always be my accompany. 
在古晋,我是去蒙福教会 Blessed Church。

GA611 Bread Of Life - Inside of Tabernacle
有一件事,也是最重要的事,我常常提醒自己要感谢神,就是神帮助我,保守我的心。圣经有一句经文:箴言 Proverbs 3:23 “你要保守你心,胜过保守一切,因为一生的果效是由心发出。Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. ”  心,实在是重要;没有心,什么都做不成。

Sharing Hearts - end of 2012
在GA (Great Army 极大军队),神赐给我很多身边的朋友,领袖、牧师、组员,尤其是Ah Pat小组的每一位成员,一直在身边陪伴。有困难就一起面对,有福就一起分享。Ah Pat (Patricia)是我的组长,也是从Sarawak来这里读书,做护士的,是一位非常棒的组长。=)

Elisha first time joined our Ah Pat Group.
Wanny's Birthday Celebration
Trip to The Farm 1 (leaders)
Trip to The Farm 2 (leaders)
Trip to The Farm 3 (leaders)
Outing with Leader Chih San's 体系

Ah Pat Cell Group - Gathering at Kelana Jaya with new members.
First launching GAYA (GA Young Adult), I am no longer a Youth. LOL!!! 
感谢主!!在这里,我被装备(上很多课程,明白很多旧约节期),也被提升了。其中一个提升是从少团升级去青团 (Youth to Young Adult)。哈哈哈!

Group Photo of Music H2O
2012年也参与在Music H2O concert,身为其中一个员,我感到很开心。因为需要整个团体的合作与配合, 所以更加彼此了解。

Hanna, David, Andrew, Elijah, Pastor Jing Ping (pastor of daughter church, GC611 BOL), IP. Charlotte, Phoebe, me and Priscilla. Mission Trip to Nongkhai, Thailand (8/8/13-13/8/13).

Powerpoint Ministry


Past Sukkot Celebration, blessings of God will flow on us. AMEN!


蒙福教会和GA611灵粮堂的每一位牧师,领袖,以及所有的人,谢谢你们出现在我的生命里。你们都很棒!=D 我非常感恩能够在当中成长。



Monday, September 2, 2013

我跪下 I Get On My Knees

Listen 我跪下 I Get On My Knees at Youtube Page

Such a long time, i did keep writing blog but not posting it., i would like to introduce a song today which composed by Ps. Lim GT from Blessed Church, Kuching. The song is really a prayer song. A song where you can rest in God's arm, and seek the Lord, living in His presence. :)

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Long time didn't update my blog page already. Just write a few sentences to be updated. Haha...i'm in the last semester, which is Semester 6 in Nursing now at Sime Darby's college. Many of my relatives and friends keep asking a same question: "Where do you wanna work after graduate? KL? Kuching? Or overseas?" My answer will be: "I haven't decide yet." To decide where to work, i think i need quite some time to think and think and think again. While i'm studying this nursing course, the only thing that i dislike the most is the working shift. Oh it's really tiring~ so i was thinking, how can i be a staff nurse then? HAHAHA!!! And also affecting my time going to church, that's the IMPORTANT point! I really hope to continue to serve God. Don't give up for i have BIG DREAMS for God. Sooooo conclusion is……

…Oh Lord~ guide my way. Let me be where You want me to be… Thank you, Lord. =)

*Last few months i kept gaining my body weight. See!!!! Arhh...on diet now. Controlling... =P